About Us

Al-Ahlam Marine Company, a Saudi company affiliated with Al-Ahlam Group, holds ISO certificates in the quality management system, environmental management system, occupational safety and health management system, specializing in marine and navigational works with the latest technologies and advanced equipment with an administrative and technical staff under professional supervision and with experience exceeding 30 years in all fields of Marine works.


    • Constructing and rehabilitating¬† marinas.
    • Works of deepening and developing beaches and waterfronts.
    • Building all kinds of concrete structures, lowering and positioning them on the seabed.
    • Seabed cleaning with specialized equipment.
    • Constructing fixed and floating breakwaters and barriers.
    • Marine surveying.
    • Recovery operations for stranded or sunken vessels.
    • The sale of floating and fixed marina products.
    • Rental of marine equipment and Engineers for marine construction works.


    Striving to carry out marine projects and achieve progress through adherence to high quality and safety standards, hard work and employment of the latest technologies and capabilities at the local and regional levels.