Roto Docks

Perfect For

• Full-Service Marinas
• Hotels and Restaurants
• Leisure ( Swimming platform, kayak dock )
• Special Events ( Concerts, expos, athletic events, art installations)
• Bridges and Walkways
• Private Docks ( Floating gazebo, private swimming pool)
• Commercial and Industrial Use ( Seaplane docks, embarkation )
• Security and Military Applications
• Floating Building Foundation
• Utility Platforms ( Drilling, fishing ports, construction )

Experience the Quality & Innovation of Al Ahlam

Anchoring system

Anchoring system:
• Pile System
• H-Bracket with rollers
• Mooring arms
• Neo Flex Mooring with concrete anchor block
• Chain with concrete anchor block or screw piles


Rotational molded, UV-protected polyethylene


Each piece is self-floating.
Rubber fittings allow the system to flex and respond to low wave conditions.
Resistance to all climate conditions.
Design for life time service.


Modularity provides unmatched ease of installation.

Decking Options

The walkable surface is built-in to the components- barefoot friendly, non-skid surface. However, additional decking options like aluminum, pressure-treated wood, composite, pavers, and concrete are available.
Composite decking with several color options.
Can be mounted with clips (removable) or rivets (permanent)
Can be ordered without decking, compatible with all decking suppliers.


Self- buoyant


Custom designed components can be made.


13.8 in
We can also custom-engineer Freeboard specs to client specifications.


Lockable neoprene bearings for flexibility, noise-free and safe operation.

Service Ducts

Service channel components are designed to fit seamlessly with main components.


Modular system can respond to all applications and layout on water.

Environmentally Friendly

Constructed of recyclable polyethylene.

Experience the Quality & Innovation of Al Ahlam