Perfect For

• Secure Stowage on Seas, Lakes, and Rivers
• Jet-Ski rentals
• Waterfront Hotels
• Water Sports
• Leisure Centers
• Integration with Marinas
• Service and Dry Docks
• Security & Military ports

Experience the Quality & Innovation of Al Ahlam

Anchoring System

• Pile System
• H-Bracket with rollers
• Mooring arms
• Neo Flex Mooring with concrete anchor block
• Chain with concrete anchor block or screw piles


Jetport, Jetport Plus, Jetport Max and Jetport Flexi made from rotational molded, UV-protected polyethylene.
Flexi port made from blow molded, UV protected and high density polyethylene.

Decking Options

Barefoot friendly walkable surface is molded into each product.
Nonskid surface.
Designed to allow water to drain away.


Each piece is self-floating.
Custom designed components can be made.
Improved load distribution for better rigidity.


Jet Ski Ports can be connected to each other with connectors.
We also have Adaptors that allow integration between all Dock Marine Systems products.

Versatility and Durability

: PWC Port responds to the changes in water level and protects against wind and waves; which makes it possible for you to create your own custom spaces in the seas, lakes, rivers. Designed to fully protect craft from marine grout and weather by fully lifting it out of the water.


Installation can be customized due to easy installation process by using available accessories.

Add ons

Compatible with Dock Marine add ons.

Environmentally Friendly

Constructed of recyclable polyethylene.
Non water soluble.
Minimum interference with water circulation and fish migration.

Experience the Quality & Innovation of Al Ahlam